Sunday, November 20, 2005

i quit!!

hahaha...finally!!!! i did it! i took lotsa courage and thinking ...and i quit my job! YUP can't take it all that shit anymoree...the whole shit really affects my health and family.
Yesterday was my last day! Kit told me he can see soo much difference in me rite after i handed in my resignation letter on Thursday. hahah..i seem more happy and relax.
B4 i was soo tensed up and always nervous all the time. sighhhhhhh.... rite now i am focusing on looking for a full time job as well as a day care for Ryan.

Is abt time i make full use of what i have studied b4.... can't just stay home brain is getting rusty nowadays.
Too bad rite now is towards one is hiring...i might have to wait till Jan 06..
We are doing fine ..just have to tighten a little bit our belt..kekekek.. no more luxury stuff :P

I really felt good!! PRAISE THE LORD!
I dun care what ppl think...(i.e. that i should wait till i get a new job first b4 i quit..bla bla...bla..)
i really dun deserve that kind of job....
I have faith in the Lord that He will provide us.. AMEN!


geetha said...

good for you dear.
you have to think for yourself. stop bothering of what others think. we have to live our lifes.

made the right move there. good luck for your job hunting!

Gene Lim said...

thanks geetha. :)
YEa... took me lotsa time and courage to do the right thing. :)
Thanks :)

Joez said...

Heard from Aunty you are much cheerful :)
Hey, one more day till your Anniversary, congrats ! Enjoy la.