Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow on the rooftop

These are the pictures i promised to take..i took from the upstairs room where the first picture shows the view of our garage and backyard as well as the back opposite house. The second picture is my neighbour's backyard..where all the snow covering the lawn...and the last one is the view of my sunroom's roof as well as a little bit of my back yard.

Tempreature today is not soo bad abt -5.. but with the windchill is abt -10..hehehe...
But guess what..i just got the news that by Monday we will be getting double digit tempreature..somewhere around 11 degrees with thunderstorm...
walau..what drastic change... one minute winter weather..and the next minute autumn weather... sigh...
we are like winter coat on and off..then fall/autumn coat on again..

Geetha..i agree with u..i dun really like wearing the winter coat n stuff...n worst part is..dressing Ryan up whenever we have to go out!
Not like Malaysia...sleeper will do need socks or hats, gloves...etc..soo troublesome!

TOnite we are going over to Mississauga to sleep over at my SIL place...coz MIL and FIL coming back from KL
not soo good news for muaaaaa :(
today i felt a little bit tensed up..coz i knew our lives will change again with them coming back.
For the last 2 months without their presence around... we were soo much peaceful and freedom!!
OH GOD have mercy on us! Protect us from any evil harmful plans that already set for us.

All i can say..may the force be with us. :))

hehehe..sometimes i feel like i am soo silly ..but i can't help it...for what i have been through with my MIL.
God bless her!


geetha said...

MIL and FIL staying with u guys?
Oops. That's one thing we didn't want. Not that we have a problem with them, but to avoid any problem, we made sure we stayed by ourselves.. but not too far from our parents.

Of course, its never the same having others around.

Dressing for an outing also difficult. Hard to keep them in one place, standing, until u dress them up properly. Imagine having few layers and items.. Nothing like walking out of the house 'light and easy' huh!

Gene Lim said...

No, we moved out last year, bought a house. The reason we moved out because she was really torturing me! i almost go "koo koo" ..
that's why kit bought a house..eventhough we dun have enuf money to stay on our own.

geetha said...

thank god! I can't imagine otherise..

Not that I face any problem, but we didn't want to take any chances. We stayed out on our first nigth itself! ;)

Gene Lim said...

yea... good for u guys..nowadays nobody can stay with in-laws..unless everyone is supernice and don't mind each other business.
but that is too good to be true! hehehe :)