Saturday, November 05, 2005

Rough nite!

Whoaahhhhhh! tonite i had the most tough time ever at work. I was scheduled to work for 4 hours and 45 mins tonite and i can say most of the calls that i got was unbelievably CRAZY!!!
I really do not understand why a person willing to make your life miserable just because they had bad hair day or woke up at the wrong side of the bed?

Is because I have no choice that i have to work in a pizzapizza call centre just to pay the bills, people thought order takers working there deserve to work there and have no wherelse to go.
Those customers really acting like they are soo much superior and u deserve to serve them!

I am soo frustrated nowadays and so tempted to quit my job! I really pray hard that i can get a new job, a full time job that really use my brain!

I was sooo mad and frustrated till i got chest pain! hahah..boyyy..i realize that it is soo not worth it to get upset for those MORONS!
They were acting like kids! worst than kids!


Joez said...

ya la, not worth to kek khi la. Soon, u will be numb over those morons. Take it easy sis.


Gene Lim said...

i know sis..but when u constantly getting all the shit calls non-stop for 4 hours..
i just got snapped out!

i will... i just hope and pray hard i get a new job anytime soon! Can't step into that building again!! by thinking of it..make me shivers!

Joez said...

hey 4 hours for 3 or 4 days a week nya la. Imagine I had to deal with such morons last time...8 to 10 hours x 5 days ! :P
Don't worry la...u'll be fine. Choose to be happy ok.

Gene Lim said...

hahha sis...u super woman maa :P
I am trying! hey hoping to strike lottery too! hahahaahah

Buaya69 said...

you have the power to choose not to be angry. just choose to feel pity for them, works for me most of the time, hehehe. :P