Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good ole SUNDAY!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... perfect daay of the week ...SUNDAY! Kit and i just love this day..coz no pressure thinking of going to work or no tension to rush doing grocerries and stuff. Just a normal and relaxing day for us to spend time together as a family! :)

When u really enjoy the day..the time really fly by very fast! How i wish everyday is SUNDAY for us.. ;)
We had a great day today eventhough we didn't do much. Mara & Ian (our neighbour-very nice couple!) cancelled our date (having dim sum at 11 am) today due to Mara didn't feel that well. This morning was cloudy and rainy. I guess that makes her even more sick!
We just can't live without the sun! We can stand the brutal coldness but not without the sun. It just makes us gloomy and miserable!

Since the date has cancelled, so we decided to go Eastgate Mall for shopping! hahaha long time didn't shop plus what i went through last nite, i just have to shop!!
Well, we bought some household stuff and i got Ryan Sesame Streets Alphabet blocks!! :) he loves it although he doesn;t know how to read yet! He just stack all the blocks and knock it down after he stacks it! he just loves to do that :)
Then we stock up the sodas for Christmas ...just in case any of our friends visit us during xmas :)
The weather was great during noon time...the sun came out but it was very windy.
Too windy till there was one of the three got blown down infront of our house. Lucky thing nobody got hurt! Policeman came after an hour later and waited for i guess 4 hours for the other man to come to chop the tree and remove it from the street.
It wasn't a big scene but there were ppl taking pictures with the tree on the street and posing holding the tree branches ..hehehe.. (of course they did it b4 the policeman came)

We just spend the rest of the day at home doing nothing. :)
I just like the feeling of doing nothing at all..


geetha said...

tell me bout it, we too wished it was Sunday everyday... but of course, we can only WISH :)

Champion loves the blocks too. Same as Ryan, he knocks the stacked blocks down. He did that with his lego set too... but now he is starting to build tall structures.

Gene Lim said...

yea,... we can only wish for it :)

Wow..they really learn very fast :)