Saturday, June 11, 2005

Albert's Funeral.

I couldn't sleep tonite, so thought of updating my blog. I dunno why i couldn't sleep, i should be dead tired by now, butttt, i seems to be very wide awake.

I have attended Albert's funeral tonite. It was my first time for me to attend western's funeral. I was a little bit nervous abt the culture and customs there. All i know they are Catholic, but of coz they are certain rules and regulations too. Similar to our asian's style.

For me, I have gone through 3 funerals of my loved ones. I was kinda immuned to the situation already. The first one was my mom's one. Of coz we did it in a Christian way, so there was no "hoo haa" ..."tok chiang" (chinese drums and stuff making lotsa noices) like the one the Taoist ppl. No offense, i am just trying to differenciate only.
The second was my grandpa's. He died peacefully while he was having dinner. What we did was having the Siamese Monk came over for prayers. That's was it.
Then 3rd one was my grandma's . We did the same as the one for grandpa.

So, came 4th one.. Albert's one.. eventhough he was not my family member, but i treated him as my closed one.
I am very upset and down for the last couple days.
While i was at the funeral home just now, I saw Albert in his coffin, lying down peacefully, with his eyes shut and with a peaceful smile on his face.
Bless his soul for eternal life.
He was a very good man,husband ,father and grandpa.

I just felt bad for Nellie..they were couple for 55 years!
I just couldn't imagine how Nellie is feeling rite noww... if i ever loose Kit, I really dunno what to do or i will feel.


Joez said...

Hey, I thought U were also there at China's granny's funeral?

Gene Lim said...

yea hor...forgot abt china grandma..oppsiee..heheheh