Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hot again

Yup, we are hit with the heat wave again. Its been humid and hot last couple days. It was 37-38 degrees for last couple days.
Not only that, the air is not clean as well. Air was smoggy and there was no breeze at all.
Ryan and i were stuck inside the house coz i dun wanna bring Ryan out due to the bad air situation. His lung is not as strong as we adult.

However, i let him out when the sun set down...brought him out the yard and enjoy his running around.
I enjoyed myself too by just watering the flowers and pulling the weed. Is not good to trap inside the house all the time.
Kit didn't feel good these days...dunno why..he felt tired all the time and always to be alone...maybe his "uncle visit" heheheh
He is like that whenever he is tired.
He will be okie when weekend comes.
THis week, we gonna have long weekend..coz this Friday is Canada Day.
SO i guess he can't wait till that day...but i have to work on that day..coz i will get one and half pay that day..yippie..

oppsie...Ryan is up now... gotta go now.. have a great weekend all!


-ms jumbled mind- said...

hey there..thanks for commenting on my site and come back soon. Your site is so warm! :) Ryan is very cute! :) Love the red cheeks! :)

letti said...

ryan is a definite cutie!!! and yes, i'm sooo ready for summer to be over.