Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday off :)

Yippie yeh! I am off today from work. Yea i have asked to get off every Sunday, so that i can spend time with Kit and Ryan.
Today i slept till 8.30 am..hehehe.... thanks to Kit, hubby pampered me. Ryan was up around 6 plus this morning and he took care of Ryan. He even brought Ryan out the yard and left me alone to enjoy my beauty sleep.

Then i get to enjoyed my CHARMED movie series everyday starts at 9am. Pretty nice day for us today. We just got back from Ikea and Sears. We went Ikea shopping coz they have the 50% sale event.
We managed to get some curtains rod for half price. Got one for $3.99 and another longer one for $4.99. We enjoyed the shopping and had some frozen yogurt too..yummie!
Then we headed to Sears in Mapleview mall in Burlington.., at first we thought we just want to enjoy the air conditioner only but when we went into Sears...i saw superb sales on the shoes. I got one Neveda shoe for 16 bucks after taxes..the original price was 40 bucks.
cool huh? ;)
Kit got one pair too...for abt 26 bucks after taxes..original price was 60 bucks.
We really shoped today with the humidity weather rising to 38 degrees .
So shiok man..when u spends money..hehehehehe

Rite now Kit went to buy a case of beer for his dad coz later we have to go over for dinner. Kit's dad loves beers plus the weather is so hot nowadays...will be good one for him

I just love the thought of not going to work..hehehe..can relax and not to worrie abt the time at all. :)


letti said...

hi char bor!!! sorry i haven't been to your website for so long now..i asked CY if he remembered you and he said, of course!! joanna, my sister also remembers you :) thanks for dropping by!

Gene Lim said...

is okie my dear... u just get some rest and enjoy ur honeymoon :)