Friday, August 22, 2008

over did it

Ryan has over played for the pass days..he had a blast on Saturday..and on Wednesday he went for a school trip..another full day for him.

Consequences of all those fun- SICK! Yup..he was down with cold yesterday nite and this morning a mild fever.
I was up all night looking after him..poor baby couldn't get any sleep due to stuffy nose. He didn't cry at all..instead forced himself to sleep. Such a good boy i have here..if for me..i definitely throw a fuss already!

He woke in the morning with 37.4 Celsius, a slight fever..i was worried at that time..due to his febrile seizure history. I kept his temp down with ice pack and tylenol fever.
THank God by 10 am..his fever is down..back to normal temp...and he didn't take his nap at all till about 2 pm.

I am like a zombie now..with a head felt so heavy and i felt like wanna throw up...
I have been feeling like this all day..but i still have to watch Ryan.
I didn't cook dinner for everyone except i cooked porridge for Ryan.
I am not in the position to cook dinner feast for everyone!

I need help myself too..i am waiting for KIt to come home now so that he can take over my place...
I need good nite sleep tonite..badly!


mama bok said...

Oh boy..!! get well soon.. eh..! chloe just got over her fever too .. from her booster needles.

Joez said...

Take care and rest when you need to.

mommibee said...

hope u and ryan are 100% well by now!