Monday, August 18, 2008

Ontario Science Centre

Last Saturday, we all went to Ontario science Center in Toronto. It was fun for Ryan.
It was fun and tiring for everyone...Ryan really had a blast that day..he really over did it that day..heehehe..
Till today, i am still feeling tired from all day walking on Saturday.


letti said...

looks like you had such a fabulous time! Science centers are always magical to me :)

mama bok said...

Great outing for you and your family.. i'm sure Ryan loved it.. :) .. wished we has stuff like this here in yarmouth, for chloe.

Gene Lim said...

Hi Letti,

Yea..we all did had a splendid time on Saturday :)

Hi Mamabok,

Ryan had a blast on Saturday...i really wish Chloe gets to enjoy the same thing too..if u happens to come to Ontario for visit, we will bring u all there :)