Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 more weeks

Time really flies eh... I left 2 more weeks of break then I have to go back to my crazy schedule life.
I really miss my crazy life these 3 months break. My brain getting lazy and rusty too.
I just got some of my books and i started to look at it..boy..i think i am getting very very busy and crazy this coming semester.
I will be dealing Mental Health clients as well as medications field again.
I hope everything goes well.. This time I will not have any Biology stress ...but will have Nursing Professional Ethics stress instead.

What I am going to miss when September comes is Ryan and Kit... I am going miss spending quality time with them..esp my Ryan. Every fun always have to come to an end..
Ryan will be going to Junior Kindy as well...and he is starting full day school every other day too.
Is going to be tough for him..I just pray that he will be alright and able to adjust to the routine.
Importantly, he won't get sick this coming winter time...

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mama bok said...

This fall chloe goes to grade primary... i think i'm gonna be lost for a while.