Thursday, August 21, 2008

Low Iron

My doctor has been telling me that my Iron level is low since April 2008. I tried taking Iron pill but didn't help me much due to it constipate me.
I tried nuts and spinach..but not enough..due to every month when my "aunty" come... i sure loose a lot!

Nowadays..i get tired easily..and at times..i felt like i wanna faint..So, today i started to continue my iron pills..and decided to take every other day to avoid constipation. Hope that helps..

Really... big size like me..still have low iron level..i am surprised here..


letti said...

sorry to hear about that. Gotta take good good care of yourself, ya!

Gene Lim said...

Hi Letti,

Thanks..yea..i have to... school going to start soon.. :(

mama bok said...

Ya.. gotta take care.. and check your hemogoblin.. !