Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Done the essay!

WOhoooooooooooooo.... i have finished the essay for Psychology subject...which i a week late liao..hahhahha..i know i know...darn..getting lazy lately....and tired too.. ever since i see the weather getting warmer and warmer, i was like laundry crazy! hahaah..i wash and wash... as if like tomorrow will never have sun or something.. :)

Yup.. i just finished the essay like about 5 mins ago.. i can hand in on Thursday..or maybe tomorrow..depending whether Kit will drop me at the school or not.. will see.

Ai yo..the essay thing has been bugging me for weeks liao..couldn't force myself to do it...till just now..i have to drag my butt and force my rusty brain to think..
Phewwwwwww..finished already..felt soo good! :)

THursday will be an assessment for me...from the college...some essay, listening and reading test..
its been awhile liao...since i did that man...
i have to admit that i am getting old...
wish me luck! :)


G said...

wow congrats gene, another task completed, another burden lifted off your shoulders :D Kit must "char kuat" on u as a reward. dont say u old olah, if u say that, it makes me feel like a granny lah, kakakka

Gene Lim said...

G: hehehe pai seh man..actually i am way late liao..due to i am getting lazy and tired working on housechores... (MIL's mess and stuff!) :(
Kit char kuat? hahaha..i wish! if he can help abit ..i am more than happy liao :)
U and me in the same group what... granny pulak? :P