Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bad weekend

Well, is the time of the month again... sigh..which i do not like at all..heck..every women hated it!
Furthermore i have my driving lessons today...i am soo exhausted and tired plus PMS is killing me!
To make it worst... the weather sux big time!
When can i see the warm and full sun again? WHEN?

4 comments: said...

hi! i've been reading your blog just that i never leave any comment! Don't worry!Pms is normal!! i get that everymonth!!! i know it is annoying but no choice!! hehe, driving lesson! Gambatae!!! I'm sure u can do it!! but i agree with u driving lessons are tiring!! have a nice day!

mama bok said...

I hear yer..!! i hate that time of the month too.. but i think .. my fibroids makes it worst.. than ever..! the price to pay for being a woman eh..??

G said...

Gene poor u! I can imagine having too cold and cloudy weather all the time really is very sien! Every bad thing will have to pass :D

Gene Lim said...

worthlesspress: hi! thanks for dropping by and reading my blog :)

Mamabok: yea i know...that's why every month of this time..i sure complain that i wanna be a man next life..hahhaah ;)

G: THanks dear..i know it will.. :)