Friday, April 13, 2007

Conversation with daddy...

Ryan is getting talkative these days...getting very mature to my surprise...

These conversations happened in different times and days...

We are having salsa with tostistos chips and all of a sudden Ryan said this

RYAN: (Giving his bottle of water to his daddy) Daddy arr yum sui ar ...yeet hey...bee boo bee boo..ouch ouch ar

Asking his daddy to drink water because i used to tell Ryan to drink lotsa water especially when he eat heaty food...
I told him if he didn't drink water..he will easily get fever..and ferbile seizure again..(like b4..which we have to call 911 and ended up in the hospital)

He amazed me by learning it soo fast and his memory very goo as well ! :)

As we were watching tv, Dadddy asked Ryan to finished up his milky..

DAddy: Ryan, yum sai nen nen la (Ryan, finish ur milky..)
Daddy: You em u ching yeet hey ar? (need to heat it up or not?)
Ryan: em sai maa.. ok maa.. (no need)

Ryan uses a lot of those chinese "mmaa" at the end of his sentence..
i know..blame us..kekekek..typical malaysian habbit! :P


Mama BoK said...

Ryan is so smart..!! "chuppa chup" ahhhh..!! for my future .. son-in-law.

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: hahahahaa... coolies..hey..Chloe is a gem too eh...i also wanna reserved!!!! :) dun worrie..i won't be like those traditional old fashion MIL! hahahahaha

G said...

MB: ROFLOL too cute when u said "chuppa chup" Ryan for ur future son in law *LOL*

Gene: LOL u also too cute, sayign u wont be like those traditional old fashioned MIL. Ryan is growing and learning so quick, Gene u can releks a bit liao when u start working :D