Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Toddler free...

Last weekend for the very first time we were toddler free...hahahah..yup Ryan agreed to follow PIL to Mississauga to SIL's place and overnight a nite..
Improvement huh? YA BABY!
I was very surprised when he agreed that he will behave and he wouldn't fuss looking for us at all..
We couldn't go because i have to go for CPR lesson on Sunday to get my certificate..it was a 9 am till 3 pm course..soo..busy weekend for me.

The secret on how and why Ryan can go without us is HOL (kit's younger bro), Ryan's fav uncle in the world!
Ha! i think he missed him alot coz we didn't visit SIL for almost a month...
Hol told me Ryan behaved great! he even pooped and peed the proper way :)
hahah poor HOL has to wipe his bum bum for the very first time..
mind u, Hol is young, bachelor and he is the youngest... I am very grateful Hol did everything for us..
He has been and always has help us...in everything.....

So, according to Mamabok, we are definitely seeing light at the end of the tunnel..hehehe
I am getting bit relax nowadays..coz Ryan really behave most of the time.. :)


mama bok said...

And Again i say .. AMEN..!!

G said...

Wah so good one ur BIL!!

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: yup...:) AMEN!

G: yea lor...to tell u the truth, my BIL is the only normal person from Kit's side..kekekekekek :)
he grew up here..so ..he is not those traditional chinese thinking type of person. :)