Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Half way there

I already got my CPR certificate...interesting knowledge...but my hand still hurts from all the compression i have to give to the dummies!
But i am very glad that i got the CPR thingy done...so i can scratch off one thing in my list..

I am in the process learning my driving... I really sucks at it...esp with my wheels.. so pai seh to said it overhere.. but what the hey, i will get it sooner or later.. I am booked to take my driving test at the end of May (actually it was supposed to be May 2nd, but i don't have the confidence at all, so switch to end of the month) ;)
Pls pray for me! I need all the prayers and blessing i can get on this!
I am serious.. i am a dangerous driver..coz i got panic whenever i made mistake.. :(

Anyway, i am still working on my high school diploma... gosh..tonite i have to burn midnite oil to finish the survey and essay on the psychology subject! WISH ME LUCK!

On top of everything, i am still doing okie...is just that my brain constantly in thinking mode all the time..
thinking of what are the things i have to do..
sigh.... seriously..i cannot help it.. on one hand i really pity my brain, on the other, i can't help it..
Maybe is because of my character, i want everything done..no mistake is allow!
Ha! i know that is bad...i need to learn how to be flexible..
that's how Kit is behaving..everything is calm..and i am the panic , crazy woman
hehehe what a perfect match huh? hehehhehe
well, what can u say for a "horse" myself and "rabbit" for kit :)


mama bok said...

Good job.. Gene..!!! i too like you .. panic all the time..and worry all the time.. even over the most miniscule thingie. So you are not alone... maybe. .it's because we are in a foreign country..?? and we kinda lost..??? i feel that way sometimes too.. like my hands are all tied.. because i donch know how things work here. But i'll be praying for you .. that everything will go smoothly.. and that your PILs will be good during this period of time. Take care ya..!

G said...

all the best gene - u're one brainy lady. U can do it, eh see lah u worry worry but all your exams u kau-tim easily all the time! I'm a worry wort too, maybe women are like that gua? i'm worse than u gene, i dont hv driving lesen also, learned half way while in KL but didnt finish it due to time constraint - big regret!!! Now in Sydney I am too scared to drive on the main roads after seeing how GANAS some gwai poh's drive - really ridiculous one!

meow said...

Your sis also facing the same problem as you when driving! In fact, I always shake my head (of coz without letting her noticing else she will "peli" me) when she try turning the car to left or right. I'm sure you will oversome it, no worry.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Ya... i totally agree with what u said eh...is like..everything i do is not enough..coz we dunno the rules and regulation in ppl's country :(
THanks for all the support dear! :) I do really hope so :)

G: thank u thank u dear..u r too kind with ur words liao...me brainy? hahaha...wait till u see the real gene..ahaha.. well, yea lor..i find it the people driving here very "hong pou" one..somemore overhere drive on the left hand side...hmmmm scary..thanks again for the support :)

Meow: heyyyyyy... thanks for dropping by.. :) is it? i didn't know that...well, u sure kena from her if she read this..hahaha..well, i guess all beginners are like that..too bad we didn't get our license at the early age :(
THanks for the support :)