Monday, July 10, 2006

Nursing Course

I am going to enrol myself in the Practical Nursing Course next year. Right now i have to have my Malaysian high school & Australia degree assessed in order to get into the course.
The requirements are grade 12 (M'sia form 6) English and Science (Biology) for a mature students application..(like me)
Is pretty hard when u are a foreigner here when u want to go back to school. They make it soo hard for u to get back onto your feet.
Come on, english? sigh...that's the system matter u have a Phd or what...u still have to go through their Grade 12 English.

So rite now i am studying independently at home the english.. pretty much work to do..all the reading and writing..Shakespear & stuff...
no kidding eh...
After i pass these 2 papers, i can only apply into the nursing course, which start around September 07.
Initially, my plan is going back to school around Jan, coz their intakes are Jan & Sept.. but the jan one are fulled now!
So i have to wait!
good a way coz i get to spend more time with Ryan and teach him more stuff.
My mil will take care of Ryan for me once i start school...
but she doesn't understand English.. so is very hard for her to teach Ryan the basic kindy stuff.
It will be tougher for Ryan because he has 2 languages to master, rite now we speak mostly Cantonese to him..and his english is not very good.
so, Ryan might find some difficulties when he starts school.
I am doing my best to teach him the basic english and make his life easier... :)

My life is getting more busier these days because i need to handle more stuff now. My nights will be hectic and tired. It's been awhile for me since the last time i handle school stuff. My brain getting really rusty...hehehe
Oh yea... i totally forgot that i helped Kit to study Company and Business law for his C.E.T. exam.. (which he managed to pass eh!!) :)

oh well, good training for me rite next year it won't be that hard anymore :)

I chose Nursing because i have a passion for this field since when i was young. I love to take care of people and i like to hang around with old folks.
I pursue business field after my SPM because everyone told me Nursing back home not really a good position.
Oh well, i dun care what other ppl say now...i just wanna do what i want now...
Least nursing job overhere is good.. the pay is not bad eh...they pay u starting salary with 39k a year & there are plenty of job everywhere.
The most important thing is..i can work part time and spend more time with Ryan :)
I really hope everything will turn good for me this time. Seriously i really needed this badly!
I am willing to work my butt off for this :))


geetha said...

Good for you dear! Don't worry, you'll do well in the exam and the nursing course. Time will fly and you'll be graduating soon :)

Joez said...

Dun worry sis, take one step at a time. Dun get yrself too stressed up like u always do :P
Pray for U ! Congrats to Kit !

rose said...

Hey dear, I'm so happie for you! How long is the course ya?

Good ... now I know who to look for to take care of me when I'm old ... kekeke :)

Gene Lim said...

geetha: Thanks! i hope so :)

Sis: THanks sis...will take it easy..i think..heheheh

rosie: the course will take 2 years to complete but i haven't get accepted yet
..hehehe who ..who ..who? u mean anthony ar?

rose said...

You larrr ... pretend somemore ... can see the grin on your face d :p

Gene Lim said...

rose: hehhe what grin/? heeheheh

Zara's Mama said...

You can stand blood?

That's what thing that puts me off with a nursing job.. don't think I can be one..

good luck!

Gene Lim said...

zara's mama : no problem..since young i am okie with blood...
i got no choice...need to change my field