Monday, July 24, 2006

going very slow....

I am going very slow with my assignments. The english course has 4 units all together. Each unit or book, has 5 lessons. Each lesson has 4 support questions and 1 Key question. All i have to do is answer all the 5 lessons Key questions and handed in.
After i finish a book, i only get to get the second book or unit.

Rite now i am at first book second lesson only. Sigh...very cham ler... headache...dun feel like studying at all. Getting old..brain also bit jam here and there liao. I just finished typing the second lesson key question. Don't think i can continue the lesson 3.
Man i am bit frustrated.

ANyway, just wanna let out a bit..hehehe... Well, Ryan is getting taller nowadays.. and he talks a lot lately. Learned lotsa chinese words.. of course chinese words...he only speaks cantonese..hehehee..
I tried to teach him both cantonese and english..but he got confuse easily. He picked up his cantonese faster than english.
But he learned how to sing fast...but his pronounciation of those english words is very bad...didn't get it properly.
Oh well, he is only 2 and a half.. hopefully he can get better :)

On saturday, my neighbour Mara were out doing her gardening. All of a sudden, heavy rain poured down.. but she continued coz she said she has no time to do it except for today.
So, my dear son, kept calling "Arra, (MARA) ... okkk kei ar...sapp sappp (house ar ..wet wet)
what he meant was...go inside the house.. u r getting wet.
but poor Ryan, Mara didn't understand what he said...soo again he didn't get any response from her..
heheh but this time he didn't say "em kong la"

he soo cute!


Twin said...

hi just dropping by.

Zara's Mama said...

Are you doing a corresponding course?

He's so concern about your neighbour huh? So cute.

Zara is the other way round, she refused to learn Chinese from me.. only wants to speak English.

G said...

Ryan is a good boy, concerned abt ur neighbour at such young age :) Don't worry Gene, Ryan will speak perfect English and sound exactly like gwai loh when he starts school, hehe

G said...

Oh and Gene, "ka yau" (add oil) to ur studies, you can do it!!

Gene Lim said...

Twin: thanks for dropping by :) you got 2 lovely kids... princess is abt the same age as Ryan. :)

Zara's mama: yea..they called independent learning course, where i bring back my books and study on my own. I couldn't afford to attend classes due to nobody look after ryan for me. :)
Yea..Zara prefer english huh..but she likes to sing chinese songs...that is cute :) Well, is alrite what language the kid wanna learn... :)
YEa, Ryan loves Mara alot..coz Mara always buy lotsa goodies for him.. furthermore she is a blonde leh...this little one loves blondie!

G: YEa.. he loves all blondie! hehehe..and furthermore Mara bought him lotsa goodies.
I am lucky to have good neighbours.. :)
THanks G! need the support alot eh...hehehe..

Joez said...

Ryan so cute :) worries...when cannot think, take a break lo. Remember how u used to study last time ? But of coz now u cannot put on headphones or earphones, just in case Ryan cries. Take it easy...u can wan la :)

geetha said...

So sweet of Ryan.. thinking of a neighbour. Good little boy :)

Aah, he will learn English as he grows up when he talsk to people around him. It is important that he learns Chinese where many don't speak there, right ;)

Gene Lim said...

sis: yea i know.... hang in tough :)

geetha: i hope so... yea..that's why we are talking chinese to him now... :)

Joez said...

Happy Birthday SIS !!

Muuuuaaakkkksss !!

Gene Lim said...

thanks sis :)