Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Secret Fives

Aisey..i kena tag by Geetha abt 5 stuff that i hide or are around me.... i dun think 5 things are enough...considering me? lotsa stuff man..heheheh
let seee....

5 items in my freezer :

-ice cream : for everyone..is summer time! :)
-frozen meat like drumsticks, minced pork, port.. all been washed and put in a bag for daily cooking
- ice : for everyone who need it...summer time now :)
- frozen mixed vegetables for cooking spaghetti
- a box of baking soda..to keep the stinko smell away...

5 things in my car..
err..this one really hard..coz i dun have a car...so it will be kit's car..

- rubbish...lotsa rubbish..u know ler..guy's car
-tissue paper
-car seat? i dunno whether this count..hehehehe

5 items in my closet

this is easy..what else..clothes... more clothes...
unless is kit's closet...
might have some hidden xxx dvds..hehehehehe

5 items in ur handbag ( or u carry with u)
- diapers
-baby wipes
-sanitary pad..(just in case)
-ryan's snacks

there u go... ...pretty easy :)

Dunno who to tag... well u guys can feel free to tag urself.. is fun :)


Zara's Mama said...

easy tag huh??
I think I got tagged too.. but I think I will skip it. :P

Gene Lim said...

yea..very easy..that's why i did it :)
i know u r busy.... :)