Thursday, July 13, 2006

"emm kong" (dun wanna talk)

This incident happened 2 days ago during evening time.
Everyone was outside the yard enjoying the nice weather. I was watering my lawn, mil weeding the lawn, FIL & Kit were inside the garage doing something.
As for Ryan, he was runing up and down the driveway, having his fun like as if he was locked up in the prison for days...hhehehehe

As i was watering the lawn, my neighbour Bertha (70 plus old woman) very nice but has a strong attitude abt everything..but overall she is nice to us :)
Normally, whenever i see her come out the backyard i will greet her by saying "Hi Bertha"

So, Ryan thought everytime he sees Bertha, he has to address Bertha.. "hi bertha"..
And to explain further the incident, we have a bush fence that is abt 6 foot tall in between bertha's house and ours.

As i was watering the lawn, Bertha came out from the house and water her plants as well.
But i couldn't see her well, so i did not greet her, is not nice to greet somebody when that somebody couldn't see u at all... (coz the fence is covering up)

So.. what happened was :-

Ryan: iii ertha
Ryan : iii ertha
Me: aunty bertha teng em tou... kong dai sang tit (aunty bertha cannot hear u, u call her louder)
Ryan: iii ertha (louder tone)

No response from Bertha so far...
Me : aunty bertha tai emm tou nei..hei chiin tit (aunty bertha cannot see u, go further front where she can see u)

Ryan walk further fron where there is no fence, and...
Ryan : iiii ertha

Still no response from her...
At this moment..ryan was kinda upset a little bit...
Ryan : em kong la.. *he walked away and looked for daddy* (em kong = dunna wanna talk anymore)

LoL... this little fella...i was surprised he said that... what he meant was... i am not going to call anymore... wasting my time and effort..coz he was not getting any response at all..
poor boy...
we were laughing so hard..

I dunno how he get that dunna wanna talk thingy..hehehe never taught him be4... :)

Actually Berta didn't see him and didn't hear him well..that's why..he got no response ...
after that..i brought him over to say hi to her..
then he felt much more better :)


MamaBoK said...

Hehehe!! so cute.. he is.. ;)

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: thanks...he is.. :)

Zara's Mama said...

hehee. if me also will stomp away and said, "mm kong la..".. luckily he didn't add "sai hei". haha.

Gene Lim said...

zara's mama: yea... he hasn't get to there yet...heheheh..soon he will :)

Joez said...

waaa....pandai liao, know how to merajuk, kekeke.

Gene Lim said...

sis: yeaaa....very good at merajuk-ing and acting too..can't be compared with those bollywood stars ;)