Tuesday, July 18, 2006

busy.... :(

I have no time to blog lately and i am kinda exhausted too. I have to study at nite plus taking care of Ryan day time.
Don't feel good at all. Our lives has totally changed..it is hard to live with someone else especially u were soo used to ur own style and way of doing things.
My PIL are okie so far...but there are things here and there that i cannot avoid it... is just like they mind their own business and i mind my own business..

Ryan is doing very well..he has learned alot lately. He managed to recognized alphabets A-T...he is getting there.
Everyday, i tried to teach him new stuff and play with him. He is more fascinated with the remote control car that daddy bought for him.
He will say to me everyday by pointing at the remote control car :

RYan : charge teen ar (charging the battery ar)
ME : hai lor... you charge teen ..em hai ..em wan tak ka (yes...need to charge the battery if not u cannot play later)

*** actually, the battery is fine...is just that i dunno how to operate the car...u know..kit always play with Ryan..not me..so i dare not touch those gadget stuff..
i felt bad..kekekek... i know i am bad mother...i shouldn't lie to him.

He is fine...luckily he didn't fuss abt it...is just that when Kit got home..he will fuss abt it..and kit has to let him play..
hahha...am i good or what? phewwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

I am supposed to do my assingment now..but i felt so tired and i couldn't concentrate at all... sighh...
i just wish i can study in the morning when my brain is fresh...
but i can't coz Ryan won't let me.... he will destroy everything. :(
I guess i have no choice...just have to have the "just do it" attitude...hehehe :)

I need hugs badly!!


Zara's Mama said...

It's really though.. having to look after a kid and then have to work on your course.. anyway good luck to you!

Joez said...

hugs n kisses !!
Just do your best la. Pray for strength and health :)
Take care dear.

Gene Lim said...

Thank you thank you gals.... :)
I hope everything will be okie :)

G said...

Gene, really admire you lah - it's so difficult to juggle between family and studies. All the best in your studies. You'll do well, such a clever & hardworking girl you :)

Gene Lim said...

G: Thanks G, i have no choice..i am doing this for my famiy...can't really find a job with my previous background-business field. THank you for ur support! *HUGS*