Sunday, March 30, 2008

I did it..

Woah, can't believe I just make 10 bucks just like that. Hmmm, I should have joint Gene long time ago, Hahaha. This is probably one of the easiest way to make some side income. I know it's not much, but they all add up... ;)

Actually, I wasn't really ready to write my first post. I was vacuuming the house and washed the bathrooms. After that, I changed the motor oil for my car. Felt so tired and wanted to sit down, relax and watch some TV, but thought that I should start my first post since I was already introduced last week.

Well, I'm glad I did it and thanks to me, Gene's account just got another 10 big bucks!! ;)


Gene Lim said...

Yea yea...u r the best and the greatest, lou kong! Muahhhhhh muahh....thank you for TODAY..i APPRECIATE IT ALOT!

mommibee said...

congrats on ur 1st $10 bucks, Kit!
dont 4get to lavish gene with lotsa sweet things and kisses