Sunday, March 23, 2008

Requesting Title Change.

Hi everyone,

My name is Kit as you all probably knew, in case you don't know. (I'm Gene's hubby, AKA:DarDarKit). I'm new to this "Blogger World" and I hope my blogs will be as good as Gene's.
Starting tonight Mar 23/2008, I'll be joining my lovely wife to update this blog as often as possible. Hopefully, you all will drop by and check out my blogs once in awhile.
Since I'll be joining this blog, I thought the title of this blog "Life As a Married Woman" should change to "Life As a Married Couple".


letti said...

welcome Kit, to the blogging world!! I've missed Gene's blogging so much.. er, other than the cari makan posts.. hehehehe... good to see that you are now Life as a Married Couple.. Yay!

mommibee said...

welcome aboard Kit. so nice of u to help gene out. i'll update my link to ur blog to read "couple" instead of "woman".
our regards to dear Gene :)

mommibee said...

4got to wish u all happy easter too

mama bok said...

Welcome.. Kit..! good to have you online too.. :) i'm sure .. we will be hearing some insightful details.. of your life as a married couple. Happy Easter..!

sianie said...

Hi Kit! I really enjoy Gene Blogs so it will be good to see it updated more frequantly! Hope you have all had a lovely easter! Sian

Gene Lim said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the warm welcome eh! :)
Yea.. i miss blogging too..I am swampped with my school work here..and every week i have exam. I am still at the college (8.25pm)..suck eh..
What to do..4 more weeks..then i can enjoy my summer break

Joez said...

Welcome Kit. Now we get to hear from both sides, haha.

Hey sis, hang on there, take ya n remember to relax.