Sunday, March 30, 2008

Winter 2008

This has been one of the worst winter we ever had. We have snow storms one after another and shoveling snow seems like one of the never ending task. In fact, we even have flurries last week even though winter supposed to be ended on March 20.

Driving during snow storm has become of the greatest challenge I have to face in the morning. Yeah, I have to drive for about an hour 10 minutes (one way) to get to work. It is really nerve wrecking and there is one morning on my way to work, I almost lost control of my car and I have to steer my car left and right in order to keep my car on the road. Luckily there isn't any in-coming traffics. Gene said I better get a set of winter tires for next winter and I couldn't agree more.

Well, I hope there won't be any more snow coming (cross my finger) and there isn't any on the forecast this week :) Hopefully, we can really say " Good Bye " to Winter 2008 this time and get on with the spring season.

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Gene Lim said...

Yea! U better get those winter tyres, man! u need it badly