Monday, July 16, 2007

Chou Meh Yer..

Ryan's know a lot of Cantonese vocabulary already...

Below are recent conversation between Ryan and me or us..

*** Kit and I went to NoFrills (grocery store nearby our house) to get some bread and milk. As we walked home and open the side door, Ryan greeted us with his hands full of lollipops***.

Kit: Wah.. cum dor tong keh? Peen kor pei ar? ( many lollipops u got there? Who gave it to you?)

Ryan: Emm haii...tong la ( Noo...candy la) *** He loves to answer us with No..whenever we asked him questions***

Kit: Peen kor pei keh? Hai mai Mara? (Who gave it to you? Is it Mara?) **Mara - our neighbour***

Ryan: Kang hai! (Of course! )

Kit and ME : LOL... we were surprise that he said of course...ehhehehe.. because normally he sure say Yes or NO..not not of course..


This conversation happened yesterday afternoon. I was laying down on the sofa coz i was tired (had my menses, feeling lousy and exhausted). Kit looked after Ryan and they were playing and talking in the sun room.

Kit: yo ! yo! yo! What's up baby! (Talking like those punk guys- as in jokingly to Ryan)

Ryan: Laughing out loud ...

Kit repeated the YO thingy again

Ryan..Chou Meh YO! YO! YO! (Why Yo-ing?)

Kit: LOL

*** I also laughed coz they way Ryan said Why yo-ing..sounded like those typical China men not understanding the punk guys!****


Irene said...

What a cutie of a son, you have. His Canton is very good.

mama bok said...

Hahah!! so cute.. ! And what a fun loving daddy Kit is.. :)

G @ said...

so much fun when they're at this stage and will be even more fun! u raised a fine young boy, he's smart and will be able to take care of himself once he starts Kindy, gene. Abt my PR yes, got expiry date one, 5 years only - hv to renew. If dont wanna renew, then apply for citizenship loh. Eligible already but I dont feel the need for it now. Kiwi G no need to renew or apply PR, Kiwis are granted automatic Aussie PRs and vice versa.

bokjae said...

hi jean, tks for yr compliments and visit. Drop by to peep on yr life there! Pretty relaxing and happy I suppose! Cute boy, look like you! see ya!

Gene Lim said...

Irene: Hi Irene! Thanks....he is learning English hard for kids to learn so many languages at one time :)

Mamabok: Yea lor..At times both daddy and son can be really "crazy" makes me feel like i am having 2 kids :)

Grace: Yea, agree with you that at this age kids are in cute stage :)
So cool one Kiwi can auto get PR and Visa in Aussie huh..coolies.
So, are u intending to apply for Citizenship anytime soon?

BokJae: Hi Bok Jae! Thanks for dropping by. Ryan looks like daddy now...their faces change a lot :)

G @ said...

Gene, no lah, no plans to apply - what for leh. Same wat, still pay the same tax, everything same lah.