Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lousy at handling important stuff

YUP i am so lousy when i have to settle some important stuff. I am currently under tremendous stress here as in :

1)Managed to find a day care for Ryan but we wanted to send Ryan to the school which is next to the day care where they have the service call Universal Pre-School Program, from Sep to June, Ryan can attend the day care for only 19 bucks instead of 32 bucks..government will pay half. Provided Ryan is for sure going to that school.

Now, the problem is that school is a Catholic School. We got no problem sending him there, in fact we wanted him there coz the discipline and environment are much better compared to the public school that he is going to attend. (System here is u can either send your kid to a general public school with no uniform and lots of kids attending or send to Catholic School, with uniform, less kids and more strict)
The problem is Ryan is not Catholic, they need his baptismal certificate..alamak.. I am a Christian and Kit is a what is Ryan?

Rite now I am trying to call the school to find out whether they have any exception or not.

2) Also, need to call some government people to register for the Universal Program..cant do this until i get an answer from the school.

3) Need to finish my school stuff be4 i start Nursing Program (which i have no idea how i am going to do it, coz i am no where near finishing zone)

4) I need to do a lot of test (health wise) for the Program. Couldn't get Hepatitis B vaccine from the pharmacy..didn't know that we have to call to order first! DUH!!!!

5) Need to register for my Nursing Program and choose my course...which i can't do it with my mind full of problems worrying about Ryan.

6) What else?

Ohh boy, i am seriously very overwhelming here..coz Kit is not helping me at all..he cant' as in he has to work during the day..and i am the only one has been calling and researching for stuff.

I know this is normal and nothing for other people.. but ..i am totally doom!
Can't handle stress very well.
When i go to sleep at nite, i even think about what to do tomorrow, who to call, what's next.
I think i can only relax a bit when i start school.


Irene said...

Hope the schooling thing works out. It's nice that ON has the Uni PreSchool Program. Nothing like that in BC. It's so expensive to put kids in preshcool here.

Gene Lim said...

Irene: Hi Irene! Really? How much does it cost to put the kids in pre-school?

Mama BoK said...

You need to have a list of things to do.. Gene..! that way.. you won't feel too overwhelmed.
Tackle the hardest first thing .. in the morning.. when you have the most energy.

G @ said...

poor u gene!! i am with u abt the catholic schools. i prefer to send Bee to a private school in future but the ones that are affordable are run by Catholics - they charge only abt AU$1,200/year. Non Catholic private schools charge anything from AU$8,000 - AU$14,000/year which is out of our budget of course.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thanks dear! Yea..i need to get hold of myself together.. :)

Grace: Yea lor...Catholic Schools are much better as in more dicipline lor... expensive one eh the private school.