Monday, July 16, 2007

What a weekend...

I didn't do much this weekend except for worrying for in getting the right Day Care Centre for Ryan and how to finish my high school diploma (i am still on second book of Individual and Families in a Diverse Society, which i didn't even start yet), and getting myself ready for school this September.

Frankly speaking, I am more worry about sending Ryan to Day Care. I know is for his best interest as in he gets the exposure and education. But he is with me all this while since he was born. I think the one who gets separation issue is me.. not him!
I know i am going to miss him ALOT!

How you working mothers do that? Can anyone please tell me how it feels?
I really hope everything goes well, as in he will blend in nicely and have lots of fun and be safe too!
Call me crazy...i still don't feel safe as in letting other people to take care of nutso huh?!

Sigh, what to do... i got no choice here...sooner or later , we have to be apart..he is going to school next year! Can u imagine..i still can remember the day he was born..crying ...and me feeding him and playing with him..

I am so suck here eh.... soon he is going to go to high school, college or uni..then get married..
and sob sob sob...i will be alone!

Aiks.....oh oo... i am behaving like those MIL cannot let go their son?!
ai yo..i better change man...hahahahah..


mama bok said...

I donch blame you for worrying ..Gene..! i would too.. ! but children are alot more adaptable.. then we think they are.. and it's ok.. to let go.. ;)

G @ said...

*LOL* " i am behaving like those MIL cannot let go their son?!" that's funny! it's a phase all of us hv to go thru gene, what u're feeling is normal i am sure!

Gene Lim said...

MamaboK: Hey Jan, I know...that's why i really have to learn how to let so hard leh...

Grace: heheheeh yea maa...seriously i really felt it eh...i guess i am too attach to Ryan already.