Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"That's what you call independent study"

Now, who think that studying Biology independently is very challenging? please show ur hand!


sigh... i am having difficulties doing the biology subject here...that explains why i neglected my blog for so long!
Person like me, dun really understands science very well, *ahem ahem* really very chialat to handle biology...somemore no guide or whatsoever...except for internet google!
This morning i handed in my first book of biology, which i think i did it very badly...not sure i can pass or not for that book...sigh..double headache here...
i have planned to ask John, the english teacher... which i assumed he will be marking Biology as well, about how i can get help if i dun understand the subject or something...
the conversation goes like this :

Me: Biology is way tougher than English... how can i get help if i need some help?
John: Hhmmph....well, i dun think u can get any help...that is why they call independent study.
John: ur only help is internet.
Me: oke

what a bummer...what if i dun have internet access...chiak sai man.... (eat shit)
really tripple headache..and i am rushing this subject in order to send my nursing course application before feb1st

and guess what??! my in-laws will be back DEC 16th!!
reall can die or not?!

me really no comment here ...


G said...

poor u gene! hope all goes well & u get thru this hurdle successfully. it's so difficult to self study biology! sori to hear ur in laws would be back in dec :(

Joez said...

hey sis, maybe it's a good thing they are back, can help u take care of Ryan and give u more time to study. Always think positive :)
All the best ya !

Gene Lim said...

G: thanks dear...yea..i know..what to do..i am kinda frus here coz..i know i need MIL to help me take care of RYAN but i dun really like her to do it at the same time..but i have nobody else..coz i couldn't afford daycare! So chialat lor

SIS: yea..have to think positive la..i dunno what kinda of new game she has in mind this time...i really pray hard..that GOD can touch her and open her eyes n mind to see the real person i am..