Tuesday, October 31, 2006

here u go...tick ker treat

Tonite is the haloween nite...we didnt take Ryan out trick or treating coz Kit thought Ryan is still young for that.
So we give out candies instead. At about 6 pm, Kit pour out the candies into the bowl and told Ryan to get ready to give out candies...
At that time RYan was still not sure what is going on. So both father and son getting ready and open the front door waiting for the kids to come and get their candies.

Some are cute and some didnt even dressed up! What was worst was...those teenagers...they dare to come out trick or treating... i thot this event is for little ones..
hmmm ...wonder!?

Anyway..what i am so surprise abt tonite was...Ryan actually had fun giving out candies to little ones..he even got exicted!
every kid he met at the door, he will say..tick ker treat...here u go... after he threw the candies into their bags..
how sweet! at first i was worried that he would not give out candies...u know kids...dun like to share..kinda thing..
but no..he was happy to give!
GOOD for u my dear boy!


Joez said...

Waa...he's a big boy now :)
Hey, Nov 2nd - All Souls' day. Sako and Mako going to Mom's place. I will go this weekend and put flowers on yr behalf too :)

Gene Lim said...

sis : thanks sis...say prayers for me too..i'll do my part from here ;)

geetha said...

So cute. He is growing up real fast huh? :)

I wish we had such things here.. sure fun :)

G said...

Ryan really good boy hor, knows how to share the candies! For us malu case lah, got kids came knocking on our door but we didn't answer it bcoz we had no candies at home. For some stupid reason, I thought Halloween was over a few days earlier. So later we quickly went to buy candies bcoz I kesian if anymore kids came knocking but by the time we came back at 8pm, alamak, nobody came knocking anymore as it was too late for kiddies to stay up and too dark too. Well at least next year we'll be prepared and Phoebe can hand out the candies :D No need to be malu case anymore haha

mama bok said...

We didn't bring chloe out either.. it was way too cold..! but she did dress up as a princess.. and went to the store.. ;)
You taught Ryan well.. to share candies with others..!
We have those really old kids too.. who came by the store..! unbelieveable right..?? they not malu.. i also malu lor..! hhahaha!!
But nevermind lah.. all in the name of fun..!