Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Choco Mai"

We like to ask Ryan who buy the toys, snacks or chocolate and he will answer who bought it.

For example :

Me: Peen kor mai vromm vroom? (who bought vroom vroom (ryan's language for toy car))
Ryan: Daddy mai! (he will say it very loud daddy bought)

On Monday i have to hand in my assignment and we went for a bus ride again..wo hooo..ehehhe..and of course..he wanted to stop by at No Frills .. well, i need to do some grocery shopping he wanted the Kinder Egg chocolate..inside the choc came with a toy.

So today i ask him
Me : peen kor mai choco? (who bought choco (chocaolate : ryan's version))
Ryan: Choco mai!
Me: ???!! confuse...
i asked him again
Me: peen kor mai choco?
Ryan : Mummy mai! then he showed me the toy the he got from the choco and he said
Ryan: CHoco Mai!

hahahhaa... so cute.... he doesn't understand the free gift he thought that chocolate bought the toy for him!
How innocent!


Joez said...

haha, so cute :)

Gene Lim said... innocent! hehehehe

G said...

hehe ya lor so cute the way he expressed himself but he got the facts right, so clever boy!! wish we could record what he said and play back to him when he's grown up huh?