Sunday, October 29, 2006

Going very slow

Ai yo..i am taking my very sweet time to study biology...imagine..i just finish lesso 1 nya on the second book. See la..i got the heart to surf around but not studying...kekeke...i know i know... sien man..
I dunno why..maybe dun really like studying during the weekend..u know when kit is around!

Guess what we did today? we already put up our first Xmas tree! I know ..halloween is not even here yet..(is tomorrow) but..who cares..i just wanna know whether i have enough ornaments or i told kit to put up the tree..hehehe
Ryan help me to put on the looks great.. will snap pic later!

Today we get to sleep in one extra hour coz of daylight savings thingy.
anyway...make no difference ler..still got up at 8 plus.


G said...

Can't wait to see piccy of ur Christmas tree. We're not buying one this year as our house is still in a mess.

geetha said...

Very fast lah you put up the Christmas tree. I can't wait to put it up too.. want to see the boys excitement, now that they are older :)

Gene Lim said...

G: no mess ler...well i understand ur situation... coz u have phoebe around..too young....

geetha: yea...can't wait for xmas maa..n very exited with our first tree..actually second..the first one too those u put it on the table...fibroptic kinda last year it was on sale..for only 20 bucks..for 6 feet tall tree..i think..not quite sure with the measurement..hehehe...
yea yea..i bet ur boys will be very excited! RYAN was soo eager to put every ornoments on the tree and very helpfull too!