Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I will cook!

Ha! that is the phrase that she uttered yesterday morning before she went to work... "I will cook..onwards...
and guess what my dearest mother in law did to me yesterday...

Yesterday morning conversation:

MIL: err.. i'll cook onwards la.. if i have to work overtime, u cook then.

Me: as usual...keeping my response...

MIL: err..what to cook today leh.?.... hmm u check the freezer ..see anything okie to take out...ohh..maybe the fish..take out the fish then.

Me: fish? cook fish? my rangehood is not that good..later the whole house going to be smelly.

MIL: nevermind la..i cook it outside....

Me: keeping silence....
...she went to work afterthat....and me taking out the taw it...

Evening time...around 5.40 i cook the rice..wash the vege and thought maybe when she comes back..she will just cook the fish.
she normally comes back around 5.45pm..but is already 6 calls to say she is working late..etc etc..

I have to dig out somethingelse to cook... i am soo very mad..least she should call me and inform me ...if u can't cook..dun said it soo loud that u wanna cook!!
somemore.. i have to cook something extra so enough for FIL to take for lunch today and the food must be gravy stuff...coz the food will turn bad..(he is working in the vineyard-weather is very hot)
sighh..memang la "cheh suuu"...excuse me..i am very mad liao..i have to use my hokkien..meaning they really give me problems man!

so today i dun care.. i cook what i feel like it..if u dun like ur problem..i can't wait till u come back only cook...ryan is hungry too duhhhhhhhhhh!

*breath in....breath out...... calm myself down here*

i am going to need this blog to let out my anger...i guess u guys must either enjoy it or not enjoy it..coz today going to be drama those chinese soap opera..hahaha...
my situation is worst than everybody loves raymond show...least the in-laws live opposite of their house!


MamaBoK said...

Dear Gene,
You probably might think i am harsh.. but i'm really not trying to.
In order for you to have some peace.. since you out-laws are living with you now... is to close 2 eyes. Go with the flow.. otherwise you not only "susah" .. you "banyat sakit hati".
You can't expect them to change their attitude.. so you have no choice but to change yours. Moreover.. you really do not wanna be at loggerhead with them all the time.. it is not good for your relationship with your hubby too.
Good luck..!! and God bless..!

Zara's Mama said...

Aigh.. living with in laws are really difficult huh?
But like what mamabok say, try to take it easier.. better for yourself, and your husband.. Good luck.

Joez said...

Dearest Sis...learn to smile/laugh at your problems. Now it's time to become actress.
Go ahead to cook if u want to, if she make a fuss...just say nicely "Oh, I thought you have to work OT, besides, u will be tired ma, anyway, Ryan is hungry..." ceh that...she cannot said u 'khek' her coz u 'show' concern for her too ma ;)

Her stuff...aiya, just push to one side la. If she asked...said..."oh u know...Ryan so demanding today, I was so busy with him...the neighbour needed help...I wasn't feeling can clear yr stuff over the weekend coz I'm not sure where ur stuff shd go la, besides, it's not so nice la, yr personal things ma."

Learn to tai-chi laa...haha. U can do it dear, but with style ok, peace is important for you, Kit n Ryan.

geetha said...

In this situations, youcan only be ncie to them. Showing our true colours would only make things bad. So, whatever they say, have to sy, okay, yes, etc. Old people get offended fast mah..

You did mention you wanted to attend some class.. if they are working, how are you going to attend the class?

Robin said...

wah.. domestic fever building up.. take it easy.

If u dun like her, just ignore her.. or give her the a dun care a damn smile.

Gene Lim said...

mamabok:I know what u meant...i understand what u r trying to say to me..i know...coz i have learned my lesson before. I am trying very hard to make peace now... :)
Thank you soo much for ur advice and well wishes...let just hope everything will be okie :)

Zara's mama: yea... thank you soo much u gals..i really appreciate u all trying to support me.. is never easy to stay with in-laws... oh well i have no choice now..i am hoping that i can go study sooner then everything will be much better . :)

sis:yea i did sis..i have learned my lesson now... for several times she had put lotsa trap by saying things to make me explode..but i remain my calmness..she is trying to make me attack her..n cause kiosk..buttttttt..not now..everytime she did that..i am saying my prayers silently..that He is fighting this war for me! AMEN!

Geetha: yea...they are..old school ma..what to do!..well they are currently working till august..where they have to go back to malaysia for kit's elder bro's wedding. My school won't start till next year they will come back in time for me to start school! i can't wait for that..rite just 2 more months of war? sigh...i am hoping for peace and harmony only.
How i wonder everyone can go along...hor? :)that will be nice!

Robin: thanks for stopping by dear :)
yea..what to or out-laws..are always like that..but hey..hope for the best!!
:) thanks for all the best wishes!