Friday, June 16, 2006

1 week vacation!

Wohoooooooooooooooooooooo..kit is on his 1 week vacation! We soo need it so badly eh... already plan to go lotsa places..mostly in ontario. Budget ler... need to save some money...coz more ppl live in the house..more expenses liao ..sighhhhhh :(

We are going to Scarborough tomorrow and visit my Aunt too... need to give my aunt some of the goodies that my sis sent me the other day! :)
we have to go to SIL's place for dinner..having bbq ..sort off celebrating Father's day ler...but Fil and mil working they are going to be late tomorrow... I think sil is not going to be happy abt it!

Anyway who cares long as i am enjoying my scarborough trip and visiting my aunt!
Rite now..i am trying so hard not to be in the same room with that..less conflict if we see each other less!

Better this way :) .. just now the whole evening, Kit myself and Ryan were outside playing and cleaning up the backyard..
i think mil inside unpack her stuff ( which is good..high time she need to do that eh! )

just hope our vacation will be fun! :)


MamaBoK said...

Have fun..! you deserve it..!

G said...

Gene - big hugs to u, you sure need it. Enjoy ur vacation dear! I'm sorry to read abt your MIL already making ur life uneasy. If it's any comfort at all, my MIL is similar to yours. Me and hubby would go cuckoo staying with her in NZ for 2 weeks just for holidays. My SIL also does not hv a good impression of me (always think I'm from a jakun country). But alas, I know you are having it tough as you have to face your MIL 24/7. You're a strong woman, you'll get by. I hope your MIL keeps her word that she'll do the cooking. Anyway, sorry to have rambled on ... have fun in Scarborough!!

Zara's Mama said...

Have a good week off.. stay cool.. de-stress! enjoy!

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: thanks dear! :)

G: one can really stay with their in-laws :), well, no matter how they treat us... we have to balance out..i guess... just for the sake of our hubby and children. i am still learning! heehhe... thanks again dear..for the support.. :) how's baby Phoebe?

Zara's mama: thanks dear..i'll definitely will de-stress :)
will go shopping tomorrow!! :)) again..hehehe