Friday, June 30, 2006


Finally, here got hot and spicy KFC! They finally managed to came out this recipe huh...buttttttttttttttttttttt is not as tasty as the one in Malaysia.
Yup, we had KFC today . MIL treat one..not bad huh...coz i have been cooking for a week this week already..i guess she felt bad or just sick with my food..kekekkeke
i dun care long as i dun have to cook! :)

Didn't get to eat much though..just had 2 pieces...coz i am still sick eh..kekkekek.. still have a little bit cough.
This weekend is long weekend for us..coz tomorrow Jul 1st is CANADA DAY... something like merdeka kua..i have no idea..kekkeke pai seh
Cannot go anywhere yet..kit has to send his car for a fix....yea..since last tuesday he couldn't get an appoinment to fix his car till tomorrow.

well least we have a long can spend another day with Kit ;)

anyway..hope everyone will have a great weekend :)


MamaBoK said...

Yah.. different lah.. from asia.. for sure.. :(
Have a great weekend too..! we over here.. gotta work.. till almost midnite.. bummer..!

Joez said...

Enjoy n have a great time dear :)

G said...

We've hot & spicy KFC here too but it's not a permanent menu, every now and then they have it as a promo for a short period only. I can't even remember what KFC tastes like back home in Msia! Get well soon ... hmmm you're ill ... shouldn't be eating KFC wor!

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: aweeeeeeee..sorrie to hear that dear...hey take it easy... hang in there..:)

sis: thanks sis... :)

G: yea..overhere the hot and spicy Kfc is short term too...coz those white ppl dunno how to eat maa...
Ya i know! coz me tum sek ma..kekkekeke ;)
thanks dear :)

geetha said...

Hmmm, finger lickin' good!
Enjoy (though not as 'sedap' as the one here) ;)

Gene Lim said...

geetha: tadak sedap at all eh :(

Zara's Mama said...

KFC doesn't taste the same in NA. I tried once in US.. didn't like it, I think they fry the chicken in animal fat instead of vege oil?

Gene Lim said...

Zara's mama: i have no idea...but for sure the gravy is the same... and the coleslaw overhere taste horrible too!

Puspha said...

KFC!!!! Never smelled it for the past 4 yrs :-(

Gene Lim said...

puspha: thanks for stopping by :)
why? no Kfc where u live?