Tuesday, June 27, 2006

17-25th updates

I am back... from so called "vacation". Sigh, having bad luck lately eh... the 1 week vacation was not really good for us.
Well, the weekends was not bad..went to visit my aunt in toronto and of course Scarborough ..did some shopping overthere.
As for the weekdays, omigosh...we had the worst week ever!
Monday, we went to settle my school stuff..and i did't get it done and have to make an appointment that day to meet someone on Thursday to discuss abt my high school diploma from Malaysia assessment. That day FIL didn't get to work due to rain in the morning, so fetch him to update his driver's license..change of address.
At nite we managed to go for a movie...yippie..what a break! we haven't watch movie for moon ages eh...we watched CARS that nite and came back quite late too.. We had to watch the latest show coz need to wait Ryan fall asleep first b4 we can go out.

Tuesday, initially we planned to go Hilton Falls, but due to we came back late from the movie on Monday nite, we decided to go on Wednesday. We woke up quite late.. (7.30 am) and went to Gage park..nearby our house for a good walk.
Came back ..did some gardening at the backyard and ryan was having fun playing with the dirt.
Noon time... as usual he had his nap, and i did my chores and Kit played his games.
Abt 3 plus... RYan got fever and he developed seizure...
I can tell u... that moment was the worst moment ever for us... it was the first time Ryan had seizure... one minute he was okie..the next minute he was unconscious...i called 911 and the ambulance came.
At that time we weren't sure what's going on...and the paramedics attended Ryan with care...asked me lots of questions..my brain was total blanked..i wasn't sure i answered them correctly.
My heart raise soo fast that it will fall out...
I follow Ryan to hospital in the ambulance..kept calling his name..he was soo brave..i tell u..he did not cry... he was half conscious and half unconscious...there were soo many stuff on his body and nose...i dunno what those call...the stuff that monitor ur heart beat..
deep inside me i am sure he was very scared...
I try to keep him calm and secured...but he was too tired to cry or anything..

We arrived at the hospital around 4 pm..and the emergency nurse attended Ryan with Tylenol.. (fever medicine) check his pressure n stuff..
and asked me to wait for the doctor for final check up
after awhile..kit came...( he has to follow behind the ambulance)
..we waited for 3 hours for the doc to come...he said it is common that children at his age..to have seizure if fever develops..
it won't affect the brain cells..but for safety purposes... we must always monitor his tempreature..
Sighhhhhh... scared the hell out of us.... the doc asked us to stayed back ...coz they need to check Ryan's urine ...just in case got virus infection that caused the fever...
well..he was negative for all virus THANK GOD!
it was just the heat only..

but i tell u... that day was the worst day ever for me!
i couldn't explain here how i felt that day...
no words can explain.

the rest of the days..were just normal and bad...Kit's car broke down on tuesday nite..when we got back from hospital..
triple sigh....we didn't get to go anywhere we planned to go ...just stayed home and 'grow mushroom"

pretty bad luck this year... dunno why...
i hope this coming long weekend will be better :)
RYan is much better now...but i catched a cold...had a very bad cough... :(
that's why i didn't get to update my blog..
managed to visit some of my fav blogs... but lazy to update ;)


MamaBoK said...

Poor thing..!! glad to hear that Ryan is ok.. ! i can imagine..it must have stopped your heart awhile..!
You take good care ok..! and rest and get rested.
It hasn't been a really lucky year for us too.. i too do not know why.. :( *sigh*.. ! one can only try and stay positive ya..!

G said...

Oh my goodness, you've been through so much, poor little Ryan! I'm so glad he is alright now. It would've scared me too seeing a child go through that, especially when it's your own! Sorry to hear the unfortunate events that took place for you *hugs* I'm sure better things are in store for you, just waiting to burst open. Take good care of yourself and Ryan!

geetha said...

Oh my goodness! Thank God Ryan is better now. What was his temperature when he got his seizure?
I can imagine you condition.. it's the worst thing to witness..
You take care of yourself too.. Ryan would be waiting to play with you in teh garden.. getting dirty. Get well soon, ya!
Hope things will get better soon..

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: Thanks dear...i will... yea u r rite... just have to think positive..so that the positive energy will eventually flow in :)

G: Huggies back..thanks...need that alot these days..hehehe..well, enough with my in-laws nonsense..i got my own problems too..what u gonna do huh...oh well just hope things will turn better... Least i know for sure..august 26th they are going back to KL for Kit's bro wedding..wohooooooooooooo! i can have back my house and privacy! for temp though..but who cares..i can't wait...counting the days :)

Geetha: thanks dear..well, i am kinda blame myself here..coz i didn't get his tempreture... i know..that's why i was kinda beat myself up badly that day..
sigh...bad mother here....

Joez said...

Sis, all bad luck gone...great things coming, dun worry and stay positive. Enjoy everyday and make your day meaningful :)
Take care, luv ya !

Gene Lim said...

sis : yea...hope so! Count on HIM now...

Zara's Mama said...

no wonder you didn't update your blog for a while..

Gosh, Ryan's fever was really scarry. That's the worse huh? When the kid get fever and seizure. Glad that chapter is over.

Gene Lim said...

zara's mama: yea..what an episode eh..well, he is much better now... but i still have to watch him closely ..coz rite now is summer...sometimes the heat could kill u eh :(
he spend more indoor nowadays... but will try to bring him out when the heat is not soo bad.