Thursday, October 20, 2005

still alive

heheh.. i am still alive ....yeaa..been busy? (is that the rite word to say or i should just say lazy..hehehe)
Yea.. been lazy to log on and furthermore Ryan is not taking his afternoon nap at all for the past week. I feel so exhausted rite now..coz Ryan is at the naughty tool stage where he is soo curios abt everything.. climbing the chair,window and anything he can find that he can put his legs on.

For the last 2 weekends was pretty normal and boring for us. Didn't do much..stayed home and cleaned the house.
Been looking for other jobs lately and i got a job interview last thursday. Well, i thought it went well from my point of view, but i didn't hear anything from them. The lady who interviewed me was a little bit shocked when she saw me..maybe because i am a foreigner.. even her handshake wasn't firm enough! Is like she was soo scared to touch my hand. Hmmm oh well..what the heck... is in a good way too that i didn;t get the job coz it won't be a pleasant ride for me anyway.

So i am still with my current job (which is not a superb job but at least it helps me to pay the bills)
NO complaint....but sighhh... i am just facing the emotional up and downs situation. Felt a little bit useless at home.
I dunno why i felt that...maybe because i am too bored! (bored? how to be bored with Ryan? wonder... hmm..hmm)

Jeeeze i dunno... that is the reason why i didn't update my blog for such a long time.. don't feel rite at all...
I need a break soo much!

Kit need one too! badly! but..what am i thinking now? break? how? Who is going to babysit Ryan??
NO one!
Sighhh..sometimes i just felt like i don't belong here at all... i miss my family back home in Penang soo much!!


rose said...

Hey dear, I miss you much too. Oh well, lots of activities going on but just felt soo laziee :(:( and I think you can sensed that too from my blog ... tarak news at all. Kenot kenot, must start to write again dee ... kekek. You take care babe!!!

Gene Lim said...

Rose: yeaaaa... miss the old times we had together... is soo much different rite now.. we are soo busy with our lives and going separate ways rite now...not like those days in college ;)

how's the new house coming along? u moved in already?

rose said...

I really do miss the old times ... island plaza shopping mall, cendol in the food court, the *TURKEY*, the *RIBENA* and not forgetting the house toilet ... as it is now, as I'm typing I'm laughing away ... hahahahahahahahha

Everytime I think back, it will definately leave a smile on my face or not laugh non-stop. And my mom asked, lu seow arrrr ... kekekek.

Sometimes when I think about it, it really din wan us to go seperate ways, but life's like dat ... sigh.

Well, the house is coming okay. We have finally confirmed on the curtains we wanted. My oh my, not easy ehh to look for curtains. So many to look at ... hin arrrr!!! We're targeting mid of Nov. I'll take more pictures ya. When you're back home, you'll have another place to visit and stay dee :):)