Saturday, October 22, 2005


Hey is the time again. Well, only 2 occassion that ppl here do the decorations around their house. 1 will be during fall end of October during Halloween and 2 will be during Christmas. When you walk pass by each house u can see all sorts of decorations like scarecrow puppet hanging on the porch, a white gown kinda ghost look alike thingy hanging, pumpkins decorations like monster, spider webs, lightings and even a blow out ballon air of a big ghost or monster statue in front of the yard.
I haven't take those pictures of the decorations yet. Once i take it i will post the pictures.. maybe tonite..keekke ;)

As for us? hmmm kinda lazy to do the decorations yet coz Ryan is still young for that. Trick or treating for Ryan? Well, Kit said Ryan is too young for that too... hmmm i dun quite agree with him abt that..i think we should at least let Ryan have the fun going to houses like other kids to get some candies! hahaha..least we dun have to give out candies...coz we wont be at home to give out candies if we go out trick or treating.. ;)
We can dress up in costumes.. maybe i'll dress up like an old witch and Kit as BATMAN? hahaha
more like chinaman got la..hehehe

Hmm oh well, maybe next year...Ryan will be older that time to go trick or treating. We already bought lotsa candies to give out :)
Weather is getting way cooler rite now.... can feel the brutal winter is coming! Gosh i hate that when i complain abt the weather!

will post the pictures tonite if i get to snap some of the decorations of our neighbours here..hehehe i hope i won't get caught by doing that..kekek ;)


geetha said...

cool.. Halloween is a great festival to celebrate, don't u think?

byw, how old is Ryan? I think he is not too young to join in trick and treating.. he will enjoy it, especially with you.

i used to think that i have to watch over my sons.. but after lots of reading on parenting, i believe that our kids are never too young (of course, we have to bear in mind of the reasonable age)...

we are bringing Champion to the animal safari world in Melaka this raya holidays... he loves animals.. btw, Champion is 17 months old..

Gene Lim said...

geetha: yea i agree with u..but Is just that we think maybe next year wil be more suitable for RYan to go trick or treating :)
He just turned 21 months old :)

I really salute u of having Champion and Mr president ..because i know is hard to juggle ur career and motherhood at the same time. Give urself a pat on ur shoulder! :)
As for myself..oh boy...thinking of having another one..but financially and emotionally we couldnt do it :)

Hey have fun at the safari :)