Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ryan has fever

My poor Ryan has fever today, a slight one. He must have caught the cold last nite. :(
My whole afternoon was spent looking after him, making sure that he is okie. He had problems sleeping and just wanted to be carried. Very tiring for me today coz i woke up 5 am this morning till now.
I had to work this evening but it was just 3.5 hours shift. Not a very long one. Today, Thank God, all the calls i received were pleasant and polite.(sometimes, customer are just soo rude to u).
When i got back home, Ryan was there happily welcomed me home. He just melted my heart whenever he do that :)
He is much better now. Kit is sleeping with him tonite. (yea, still having problem training him sleeping alone) but tonite is no exception, coz he was sick. :)
Normally weekdays i sleep with Ryan and Kit got the whole queen size bed to himself. Tonite i can enjoy my new queen size bed :)


Joez said...

U must be very worried and busy. How's Ryan ? We got new dog at home. JJ's bro. Dad wanted it. Let u know abt it later.
Take care.

Gene Lim said...

thanks sis... Ryan is doing alrite now...sorrie for not replying. been very busy lately..

take care