Wednesday, October 05, 2005

3 Years!

Ha! time relly flies eh.. 3 years of today, it was my first time landed in Canada to meet Kit. I have been to Canada for 3 years already. seems like yesterday..hehehe.. the long flight really gave me nightmare! 20 odd hours of flight...oh booyyyyy... i dun think i can do it with Ryan..hehehe

Boyy, what i have accomplished so far within these short 3 years:-

1. Got married
2 Learned how to cook
3 Learned how to be independent (i am the youngest in the family-have sister and aunties to help me)
4. Learned how to be a wife
5. Learned how to tolerate my in-laws
6. Learned western culture lifestyles and adapt it (still having problem adapting it)
7. Learned how to be a mom
8. Learned how to be a patient mother and wife
9. Learned to balance millons and millions things in 24 hours
10. Learned how to control my temper! (ha! this one really a good one...i was a very bad tempered person back in Penang, Malaysia)

I am not sure that i have accomplished much coz there are still much more to learn here. Life is tough when u r alone (as in no relatives supports u).
I am soo blessed and I really appreaciate what i had. If i am given another chance, i would do it again. :)


geetha said...

I understand you accomplishments and congratulate you. I am too, working towards all those in ur list, and even more as days go by.

Joez said...

U've done great. Not sure if I can survive....if it's me. We love You and God Loves You.

Gene Lim said...

geetha: thanks!! :) is true..too many things to learn to survive in this world nowadays. Being a mother is hard! the toughest job in the world.

Sis: THanks sis! Of course you can. When the time comes everyone will automatically adapt to it. :)