Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sponsored Post: Blinds Chalet

Having trouble to have to clean the window drapes? Thinking of changing it to blinds?
Well, Blinds Chalet have excellent choices of blinds especially
wood blinds.
Wood blinds is perfect for your comfort home and it brings the unique warmth and beauty of natural timber to your windows.

Blinds Chalets' wood blinds are expertly crafted and made from the finest real basswood. It easy to clean and it added the elegance to your home.
You can shop online and made the comparison of their different wood blinds products. Shop now and you can save up to 25% of their summer savings.


Joez said...

Not related. Just wanna let u know I've deleted myBlogLog. They charge $3 from yr paypal after your free trial expires.

Gene Lim said...

SIS:yea meh? u can choose free one..not the pro one..i have passed my free trial also...but remain free wor? where u read that got charge u 3 bucks ar?

G @ said...

sori may i join in the talk also, hehe. i've also passed my free trial period. they automatically switched me to the free version now, didnt ask for payment unless if i switch to the pro a/c

Joez said...

is it...i dunno la...I saw a message there saying free trial expires on [date] I thought I better unsubscribe before they start charging me. Kiasi ma ! Anyway...let me know if any of u kena charge, hehehe.

Joez said...

Hmm..sorry...I think i was too sleepy when i read it at 2am. It's free...but only need to pay if Upgrade to MyBlogLog Pro
Sorry sorry ! I will join again. Pai seh :P