Sunday, July 08, 2007

Humid alert!

I am feeling hot, humid and sticky now. Today we are experiencing a rather hot and humid weather.
It reminds me of the weather back home in Malaysia. Maybe I am being pampered with this cold country weather for almost 5 years, I totally forgot about the humidity that we had back home in Penang.

I cannot turn on the air-conditioner due to FIL down with cold. So, we can only turn on the ceiling fan and do our best to keep cool!
In such a weather like this, I really do not wish to cook at all..but i have no choice.
So, what we had today was Chee Cheung Fun (a type of chinese noodles). We bought some chee cheung fun and some shrimp and fish balls and mix some hoi sin sauce to go with it. We also add some cucumber. To keep us cool, we made some carrot, celery, tomatoes, apples, and lemon juice for everyone.
Turned out to be a simple and cooling dinner. Oh yea, due to they had only 2 packets of chee cheung fun (we need 3) so i bought 1 chinese yam to make steamed yam cake (orr kuih or woo tau kou)
call me crazy..but i miss my orr kuih in Penang!

Now, almost 8 pm, feeling soo sticky and hot, still haven't got my shower yet... i thought i drop by and surf a bit with my little wonderful fan on!
Ahhhhhhhhhh...can feel those cool breeze! :)


mama bok said...

It's raining here today..! yuks..!! and lucky you .. can get chee cheong fun..!!! or woo tau kou..!! envy lah..!!

G @ said...

wah i also love wu tau kou. i dunno how to make it, got recipes but never tried b4 coz i always fail when it comes to steaming kuih. we usually buy AU$5.50 from a Msian resturant, for a small takeaway container. eh nx time u make again, can see how ur recipe is pls? and photo too, hehe if and when u are free lah. what was the hot temp there?

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: I know..wait time if i get to visit u ..i will bring all the goodies to u! :)

Grace: Sure sure.... i didn't take pics coz it was too hot that day..was about 43 degree Celsius i am so lazy to go upstairs and take the camera and snap shot it..hehehe..
I will next time..umm actually hor..since u loveee spicy food..
the woo tau kou recipe i got it from e-kuali..
u go too click on lifestyle and choose kuali..there they got a-z recipe u can choose..mostly our home country food! :)

Anonymous said...

can u send orr kuih recipe for me pls ??? my email is
if can pls send to me . thx a lot .. teach me how to do .. i want to learn n try ~~!!
thx a lot