Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vege in my garden...

I promised Grace that i will take some of my Chinese Chives pictures.
Sorrie ler, kinda late..hehehe..but here it is...didn't look so good..coz got lotsa weeds and some more my photography skills are not so good!

Included are some of our gei jee (wolfberry fruit) Chinese ppl used to put them in herb soups..they are good for your eyes! :)
And of course my chili plant and cherry tomatoes ...sorrie again..the pics are very blur...


G @ mommibee.com said...

thanks so much gene, for taking the trouble to snap photos of the chives and other vegies. yes it is those that i usually buy for AU$0.50 from Asian store (some places sell for AU$0.75 or AU$1.50 for a bunch). There is no onion on the roots, right? is it called "kau choi" in canto? wah u grow wolfberries, tomato and chilli also. Good lah, wish i hv u as my immediate neighbour *LOL* can learn from u. Thanks again dear!

mama bok said...

Wow..!! so nice.. !! own herb garden..!!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: yea yea..no onions one..and yes..call kau choi lor :)
hehehehe..ai yo... i also wish...like mamabok u and me are all neighbours!! hehehehe... don't say learn la..i am also learning..learn from MIL..kekekeke... well, those gei jee came from PIL's house one..
NO problem at all..anytime! :)
i really wish we are neighbours...our kids can play together and we can share our crazy food..rite mamabok?!

MamaboK: not herb garden la..only got gei jee :)