Monday, July 30, 2007

My "calmer"

This conversation happened last Thursday morning..

I was on the phone with Kit and Kit has said something that made me mad.. My facial reaction was very obvious...and when i hang up...this happened:

Ryan: Chou meh? Daddy ar? Daddy yai yai ar? (WHy? What happened? Is it daddy? Daddy notty?)

Me: *keeping quiet* ....

Ryan: Daddy ar? Daddy yai yai ar?

Me: No.. mou yer la (no..nothing la)

Ryan: Mou sheoung kon ..mou sheong kon (Nevermind, Nevermind)
*he patted my shoulder when he said that*

Ryan always calm me down and try to make me happy again whenever i am sad or angry..
Amazing or not? My 3 year old son doing that?

I am so ashamed as in I do not know how to control my emotion at all...
BUt i am glad and thankful that God bless me this beautiful child! He is like an angel to me!


G @ said...

gene, u sure are blessed with a very good son, Ryan. He'll take so good care of u all in future that's a guarantee. it also shows how well u and Kit hv taught and showered him with love.

Joez said...

Looks like we have to learn from the kids :)

bokjae said...

hi gene, we adults many times were shown what it is like to have a gentle spirit from the young ones! Perhaps this is what it meant by God use the foolish to confound the wise! hehe! tks for dropping by!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Thanks dear..Yes I am...i am very grateful and Thankful for that :)
You are too kind, Grace. U & Kiwi G too are blessed with Bee. She is such a darling :)

Sis: Yea lor...damn pai seh man...

BokJae: Yup, I agree with u totally eh :) The young ones are more innocent than we adults :)
Thank you for stopping by too :)

Blur Mommy said...

Awww... ur son is so sweet! : )

Gene Lim said...

Blur Mommy : Thanks...he times very lemak too ;)