Friday, January 19, 2007

Random pictures

MIL didn't go to work this week and i managed to catch up my studies and all of a sudden i am too free today..kekekek
It is snowing quite heavy outside, so i thought take some pictures..but it is not as bad as the one that Mamabok showed..

Ryan had fun outside again with FIL...with the snow sleigh..didn't get to take pics..
maybe next time..
Look at my sunroom..full of Ryan's toys everywhere..this is the messy part ler.. ;)
silly RYAN...whenever i wanna take his picture..he will smile silly-ly for me.. :)


Mama BoK said...

Can imagine.. it is quite cold for you too. Ryan so cute..!! grinning all the way.. just like my chloe.. ;) their traits are so much alike.. :) our kids are just so loveable.. ;) We must be doing something right.. kekkekekee!! "blowing my own trumpet" .. kekkeke!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: today is not soo bad...i think it was just minus 3 degrees. Yea..he is.. too eh... i knowww... it is just too bad we are not neighbours hor..if not it will be fun! :) yup yup..u r rite..must be something that we are doing ler..kekekek "kembangnya i punya ekor huh"

G said...

wei wei, u two need me to kipas or not, kembang meletup nanti, hehehe. It goes to show how happy and loved ur kids are, with wonderful mommies like u both! Love seeing the snow. Ur backyard is sooooo huge compared to ours.

Gene Lim said...

G: hehehe pai seh pai seh.. sudah meletup liao..kekekek... ai yo..u made me even more kembang eh... hehehe... i am sure every mummies are like that too ;) U r one of them too :) My backyard big ar? long driveway lor..i took the pic from upstairs window..maybe that's why looks big kua..kekekek

Zara's Mama said...


Wow.. like the pix you have taken..

Ryan is really cheeky huh? when he poses for camera.

Gene Lim said...

ZM: YEa lotsa snow overhere..but compared to last year..this year's snow is lesser :( cheeky monkey...