Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Super Busy

I have been very busy lately due to the house renovation. I am not doing the reno but i have to clean and prepare lunch and dinner for everyone, as well as taking care of my little brat.
I have neglected my studies lately due to i am way to tired to study at nite. Sigh, i guess i have no time to update my blog.
Will have to continue whenever the project is done.

Super tired here eh....my bones felt like wanna crack everyday...never felt this tired b4..sigh...maybe getting old..and fat too! hahaha maybe this is kinda good way to force me to exercise..kekekeke

ANyway...will come back to blogging whenever i am free :)


Joez said...

aiyo i can understand how tired u are...me too...bones wanna crack too...i need more time, more, more !! Hahaha....dun too stress sis...pray and God will help Angels to help ok :)
Cheers and take care. Love U!

Gene Lim said...

sis: tai kar kum wa la... :)

Mama BoK said...

Well.. you take care.. and donch overwork yourself Gene..!

G said...

dont think abt updating ur blog gene. family and house reno comes first. update us only when everything's done and u r more free :D u vely good lah, cook lunch and dinner for everyone, salute u!

Gene Lim said...

MB: thanks dear...i try not too ;)

G: yea... but blogging is my peaceful time eh..is like i gotta have it..like addicting to coffee? kekekek
Ai yo..dun salute me la..i have no choice ler...fil doing reno for free for us wor? the least i can do is cook lor.. :)