Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This N That

Ryan has improved alot in his it Cantonese or English. His vocabulary is getting better and better. Below are the daily conversation between Ryan and us at home.

YESTERDAY during dinner

I have cooked black bean soup with pork bone and the pork bone i bought got lotsa meat. Normally, kit loves to eat those meat by dipping it on soya sauce.

Ryan saw Kit eat those pork bone meat and he says :

Ryan: "Kim chuu yuk....suiii" (I dunno how to translate Kim in english i am trying to translate to the closest.. "squeeze pork meat....water")

FIL, MIL, Kit and myself: ?????

after few seconds..i managed to get what he said..

ME: ohhhh...hey u sek chuu yuk dim see yau eh (he wants to eat the pork meat by dipping the meat on the soya sauce)

smart little one...he made his own words...he doesn't know how to say the right words as in... "kiap chu yuk dim see yau" (taking the pork meat using chopstick and dip in the soy sauce..)
soy sauce ..he said water...walau eh..

Conversation with grandma

Mil was carrying him front way as in Ryan sleeping straight on her arms... and MIl jokingly said...

Grandma: awe tiow nei ar ( i am throwing u..)

Ryan: Tiow lap sap (throw garbage)

He is saying that he is garbage....and ask grandma to throw garbage...he said that because every thursday whenever kit has to take out the garbage...Kit usually said..tiow lap sap har..(throw garbage har)


G said...

he's very good with his canto and it's so cute when kids make their own sentences, hehe.

Gene Lim said...

G: yea...really cannot expect what will come out from their mouth one. At home Ryan speaks canto..only learn his english from tv or me..
what to do...father canto...if i talk to him hokkien..ryan stare at me and said "huh?"
hehehe can die or not?