Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New me...

I decided to change my blog template... some refreshing colours...still need some work to do..hehehe but no time..hahah.. i know i know... i am supposed to study biology..but can't resist it....
See the pic beside , yup..that's my fav pic of all so far... Ryan smile soo sweet! I love that pic!

Updates: Still studying...rite now on my 3rd book of biology... i got 99% on the first book eh...can u believe it or not? Walau..the teacher blind or what...i am not bragging here...but seriously.. i was really having a lot of problems answering questions from that book! I swear to GOD.. i was prepared to fail..praying everynite that i just pass that i can apply for the nursing course..
THANK GOD for his guidance and his miracle works on me :) I am so blessed! THANK YOU!

Ryan getting so tall now..n alot more talkative than before... lotsa funny stuff can come from him..for example..whenever we watch chinese movies... he will say "yat sei sei" that's his version of chinese movies and chinese words.
n he improve his english pronounciation liao..thanks to TREEHOUSE TV..hahah...he watch every morning n pick up a lot of words from there.. :)
he is getting "lemak" also... everytime when i cough, he will bring my thermos for me..ask me to drink water... he will say.."yum cha mummy"(drink tea: apparently he thought i have tea inside the thermos) and if i eat chili...he will say..."lat lat ar mummy" (spicy ar mummy) and he will bring his water bottle for me so that i can drink water from it..
whenever he does that... my heart melts!!!
he really can be very lemak eh! wonder he takes after who huh??hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm


geetha said...

Ryan sooo cute :)

Nice new look ;)

BTW, I long time changed my blog's name from Maama22boyz to Essence of Love. Just wanted to inform you, if you want to edit your list ;P

Gene Lim said...

geetha: thanks dear...oppsie.. sorrie abt that..i will change it then :)

G said...

congrats on passing yr first book with 99% .... top marks some more - genius gene! i love the new layout & the happy photo! ryan is such a caring, loving & clever boy ... aiyooo nx time sure got many girls chase after him, hehehe.

Gene Lim said...

G: thanks dear.... i am not genius..just very lucky! :)
hahaha.... girls? hehehe... dunno ler... another headache for me lor..

Joez said...

Haha sis, I guess Ryan has that 'PR' gene from you la, whoelse lagi !
Congrats ! That's what happen when you have faith in God and YOURSELF :)

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. Ryan is really 'jaga-ing' mummy.. that's really nice.

mama bok said...

Nice new picture..! so relax.. you looked.. :)

Gene Lim said...

Sis : YUP ..i guess so ;)

ZM: yea lor..very lemak too ;)

MB: thanks... i love that pic :)