Thursday, May 04, 2006

very very busy

These few weeks i will be very busy coz i am helping Kit summarizing his notes (exam next saturday) as well as helping my in-laws selling their house.
Very tiring and exhausting travelling in and out everyday. :(
I will keep u guys posted when everything settled down :)

Furthermore i am having the pollen alergies sien man... i dun wanna take the allergies pills coz it will come back again next year..trying to fight it very hard! ai yai yai..with watery eyes..stuffy nose and snezzing all the time.
BLame my imported nose here...

okie dokie...will try to update my blog after 2 weeks time :)


Joez said...

Sis, please take care lo. Take medication for yr nose/eyes, how to fight la, the seeds just fly to u...if u need to go out, avoid sunny and breezy day and wear face masks -

Tips to reduce exposure :

Here is a good link :

If u too busy to read all, Find the topic "HOW IS POLLEN ALLERGY TREATED?" in the link.

It says that if u dun treat it, esp u got sinus problem...can cause "swelling of the nasal passages and eustachian tubes leading to the ears, which may prevent proper drainage and airflow and lead to secondary infection of the sinuses or to middle ear problems."

Gee, i never know got such allergy, I guess we dun have it here or maybe we just dun realise this sort of allergy has a name.
Take good care and take a break la.
Luv ya!

Gene Lim said...

thanks sis... wah so high tech ar..somemore search the links for me... i guess i dun have time to read it..but i am getting better now.. :)
thanks for all the how are u doing?

will call u in few days time la...take care too..
love ya much

letti said...

sorry to hear about your allergies..the first spring i was in texas i crying all the time because i couldn't breathe..then when we moved to abilene, david started getting horrible allergies, stuffed up and everything..and the pills make him so "high" and he hates that feeling..GOOD LUCK KITTTTTTT

Zara's Mama said...

Hope your sinus problem will get better and all the best to Kit's exams!

Gene Lim said...

Letti & Zara's mama : Thanks for all the well wishes :)

G said...

U're a very good wife, helping hubby with his study notes. Hope the sale of your in laws' home goes well. Hope your allergy goes away soon! Also hope the car does not give anymore problem.

Your son is very good with his Canto and blogging, hehehe! Kudos to you and Kit for not speaking English to him at home, that must be a difficult thing to do when you live in a predominantly English/French speaking country.

Your first time pork curry bun looks fantastic, does not look like a first timer bun at all!

Take care Gene!

Gene Lim said...

G: thanks G! just trying my very best :)