Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sold-- Closing date June 16th

My PIL's house is sold and the closing date is June 16th. Sighhhhhhhh.. how i feel abt it? Funny and stressful!
WHY? well, some of u guys know the relatioship between my mil and myself. (some of u that dunno, u can find out from my very first blog).
In summary, our relationship is like the typical mil and dil. She was the reason that we moved out and got our own place eventhough we were not ready to buy a house back then.
ANyway, the shocking news to me now is they are moving in with us!!!!
How funnny and weird this is?

I can't believe this! they are the one chasing us out...n now they wanna move in back with us :(
As time goes by everyday nowadays, i am feeling crazy and nervous.
I can't imagine how it will be when they move in. I can't say no coz they got no place to live...well, they can live with their daughter in mississauga..but to them.. is shameful to live with daughter.

Sighhhhhhhhhhhh... butttttttttttttttttttttttt..the good news is.. i am trying to make the worst situation into better situation.. as in enrolling myself in nursing course. i am thinking of taking a 2 years full time nursing course next january..and while mil is at home..she can take care of Ryan for me.
I need to get out and mix with ppl..i need it badly.
SO i hope everything turn out good.
Why next jan and not this sept? well because PIL are going back this coming august for Kit's elder bro wedding.
and why i didn't send ryan to daycare? coz we cannot afford and i don't want ryan to forget his chinese language.
Furthermore, MIL is athome and is flexible for me to arrange the time. Least i have peace of mind what Ryan is gonna eat and do. :)
there are pros and cons for this situation. I know there will be conflicts here and there..but i have to bite my tongue for it.
BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT..for sure this time will be different coz this is my house and not her house..
my rules and not hers :))


geetha said...

I can imagine *sigh*

But, as you said, there may be a better side. You can take that time out and socialise and have more time for yourself. This would mean lesser hours together, which is good too.. less encounters ;)

Joez said...

Hey sis,
As I said before, everything happens for a reason, sometimes u dun see the reason until much later. Perhaps this is a good chance for u guys to make peace.
Anyway, keep ur options open, u can search for jobs at the same time instead of just straight enrolling for the course. Try staffing agency. I am not sure if Nursing is yr choice, but u at least have to like it to be able to complete the course in yr situation n foreign land. Nanti u pekcik, give up, how ? Continue to pray for guidance n wisdom! Take care :)

Zara's Mama said...

Yikes.. staying with MIL is always not easy.. unlike staying with your own mother..

Hope things will get better since this is your house she's moved in.

Be thankful if she is willing to help you with Ryan, and if you can come home to warm dinner very evening, another thing to be thankful about. :P

Gene Lim said...

geetha: yea...will really pray hard everything goes well :)

SIS: i know.. i am not sure why this happen..maybe like u said... is a plan from HIM for us to make peace :)
I think i am suitable with nursing,my characteristics suits this job. I am not afraid of the blood and cleaning dressings. It is something i enjoy doing..remember i enjoyed taking care granny and mom last time?
Don;t worrie..i will pray for guidance :)

Zara's mama: yea u r rite, i am thankful that she can look after ryan..i rather prefer her taking care of ryan than outsider..morever she is the grandma :)