Friday, April 21, 2006

Ryan's language Part 2

This morning

The weather is getting warmer and this morning i woke up around 5.30 am to go to the bathroom and after that i left the room door open coz it was abit warm. After that i went back to sleep. Around 7.30 am Ryan got up and he climbed down from the bed (he sleeps with me) and went outside the room, after awhile he came back and came near me and say "saap saap" (wet wet in cantonese) and i can barely open my eyes..and the first thing i saw was he was holding a diaper and asking me to change for him..
Aweeeeeeeeeeeee at that time even how sleepy i was...i was like melted and got up and change for him.. he is soo sweet now.. :)

Last monday

Ryan got up early on that day..dunno why...he woke up around 6.30 am..that is the time kit was getting ready for work. Ryan got soo upset and wanna follow Kit to work.. crying and got cranky.. we told him that daddy has to go to work and will come back later to play with u..okie..
he was still crying n wanted Kit to carry him.
Then all of a sudden he said "fai fai fun" (faster come back home) ... boyyy..i felt soo touch ..and happy feeling in my heart ... he got soo attached to his daddy :)


Joez said... so sweet. He can speak so much liao.

geetha said...

Becoming very responsible, isn't he... :)

Zara's Mama said...

Home is properly child proof?

I sometimes do that now.. if I still want to sleep, I tell her go play with her own toys, and I continue to sleep. But I don't open the bed room door, b'cos I thought I could still 'hear' her cry or whine if there's any accident if she's with me in the room.

He's very attached to daddy huh?

Gene Lim said...

sis: yea slowly he is learning alot :)

geetha: yes times only.eheheh :)

zm: yea..the house is safe enough...but sometimes i just wanna make sure he is i'll wake up whenever he wake up.. (no choice ler, i started to loose my sleep ever since Ryan is born) :(

very attached! :))